Ashbourne Community National School

Meet the Teachers

Have a read about each of our teachers and look at the lovely portraits of them that have been done by students!

Príomhoide Jenny​
Príomhoide Jenny​
Is mise Príomhoide Jenny. My work started here in June 2019 and it's an exciting time to be involved. I'm delighted to be working with so many great teachers and students (as well as their parents). When I was a child I went to a school a bit like this one. There were boys and girls and people from lots of different backgrounds and religions learning together, it was great. I have taught for over 15 years in multi-denomination & co-educational schools at primary & post primary level. I love teaching because I’m always learning something new about other people and myself.
Múinteoir Seamus
Múinteoir Séamus
Hi, I am Múinteoir Séamus. I am extremely happy to be teaching in Ashbourne CNS. I have taught in the Community National School model for the previous eight years. It is a model and an ethos that I firmly believe in. I will offer the children a welcoming and inclusive classroom. A classroom that is full of discovery and learning. My favourite subjects to teach are PE, Maths, Gaeilge and History.
Múinteoir Eoin
Múinteoir Eoin
Is mise Múinteoir Eoin and I am delighted to be able to teach the boys and girls of Ashbourne CNS. My favourite subjects to teach are English and Maths and I really like to see the children engaged in fun and exciting hands-on learning activities. “Play is a child’s work” This belief is the foundation of everything we do in our classroom.
Muinteoir Colleen
Múinteoir Colleen
Is mise Múinteoir Colleen. I am so lucky to be working as the Support Teacher in Senior Infants. I am looking forward to working with all the amazing children in our class. I love making my lessons fun, positive and hands-on to help the children achieve the best learning outcomes!
Muinteoir Angela
Múinteoir Angela
Hi. I am Múinteoir Angela and I am teaching a multi grade class this year (Senior Infants/Junior Infants). I have 25 years teaching experience and am looking forward to embracing the ethos of ACNS. Our classroom is always busy with lots of fun activities. Our underlying rules are 'kind hands', 'kind feet' and 'kind words'. Outside of school I am a referee for Ladies Gaelic Football and I hope to bring my love of football to the school.
Muinteoir Anna
Múinteoir Anna
Dia dhuit, I’m Múinteoir Anna and this is my fourth year working in Ashbourne C.N.S. This year I am working alongside Múinteoir Sadhbh as the Support Teacher for Junior Infants. I love my role as I get to work with the whole class but also have lots of fun working with small groups of children throughout the day. I adore bringing lots of fun, hands-on ways to engage learning within our classroom and working with the children to reach their full potential.
Muinteoir Cian
Múinteoir Cian
Dia dhuit, is mise Múinteoir Cian. I'm happy to say that I'm the 3rd class teacher here in Ashbourne C.N.S. I will make sure to create a fun, engaging and inclusive learning environment for all the children. Two of my favourite subjects to teach are Maths and SESE as they are hands-on and the children interact with their learning. I like to play Gaelic football and hurling and my favourite football team is Manchester United.
Múinteoir Niamh
Is mise Múinteoir Niamh. This is my second year teaching in Ashbourne CNS this year and love being in Rang a hAon agus Rang a Dó. In 2022, I returned from New York after teaching there for twenty years. I was particularly eager to work at ACNS because of the school’s mission. It is important to me to teach at a school that embraces diversity, creativity and individuality and values social-emotional development as much as academic success. In the classroom I love reading, nature shares, and having in depth discussions during GMGY. I am really enjoying getting to know all the second class children and look forward to spending the year together.
Múinteoir Geraldine
Is mise Múinteoir Geraldine and I am very proud to teach the wonderful students of 2nd Class. This is my second year working in Ashbourne Community National School. I bring with me over fifteen years’ teaching experience, working in two large schools in County Dublin. The 4 C’s that underpin the values of our school – care, collaboration, creativity and courage are values that I connect very strongly with. In our classroom we endeavour to create a culture of inclusivity, mutual respect and consideration that will enable all students to develop both academically and socially within the ethos of Ashbourne CNS.
Muinteoir Sadhbh
Múinteoir Sadhbh
Dia Daoibh go léir! My name is Múinteoir Sadhbh. I am delighted to be teaching Junior Infants this year, and working alongside Múinteoir Anna and Marijana. Teaching at Ashbourne CNS is fantastic as there is such an encouraging, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere around the school. Our school is special as all pupils are valued and represented and it is a place where everybody belongs. We have a very exciting year ahead in Junior Infants as we move to our brand-new school building soon, as well as doing lots of hands on and playful learning throughout the year!
Múinteoir Caoimhe
Dia dhuit! Is mise Múinteoir Caoimhe. I am delighted to be back in Ashbourne CNS teaching 3rd/4th class multigrade this year! I am looking forward to promoting a growth mindset in our classroom where every child is encouraged to try new things and never give up! I like to plan fun and engaging lessons with lots of games, projects and group work. I love being a teacher, especially in ACNS as everyone is included and valued- each person is a key member of our school community!
Múinteoir Moya
Haigh gach duine! Is mise Múinteoir Moya! This is my first year teaching in ACNS and I am thrilled to be teaching 5th class. This year, I am working alongside my SET team Múinteoir Fiona and Múinteoir Gillian. I am looking forward to making each lesson active and interesting for each and every child to reach their full potential. I love teaching Gaeilge, Geography, and Art. I look forward to embracing our wonderful school ethos with the children in my class. I am a huge believer in exercise. Our health is our wealth! I cannot wait to share my love for sport, exercise and most importantly, fun with the children throughout the school year.
Múinteoir Mick
Hello, Múinteoir Mick is ainm dom and I am a 4th class teacher here in Ashbourne Community National School. I love teaching fun and interesting lessons and am really impressed by hard workers who never give up. I also love sports, I play rugby for Boyne Rugby Club and I watch every sport I can find.
Múinteoir Áine
Dia daoibh! Is mise Múinteoir Áine, and this year, I am teaching 1st and 2nd class. This is my first year teaching at Ashbourne CNS after working in another CNS in Dublin for a few years. My favourite subjects to teach are Gaeilge, Art and GMGY. What I like most about Ashbourne CNS is its strong sense of community, where everyone is valued, respected and accepted for who they are. I am thoroughly enjoying teaching and getting to know the pupils in my class and I am so excited for what this year has in store!
Múinteoir Rebecca
Dia dhaoibh go léir! Is mise Múinteoir Rebecca and I am delighted to be teaching 1st class this year. I love teaching in Ashbourne CNS, because each child is welcomed, included and encouraged to reach their full potential. I believe in encouraging my pupils to give their best effort, and to recognize the improvements they make in their learning, because learning is a life-long journey! In school, I love teaching Art, Music, Maths and English. Our classroom is full of laughter, learning and fun!
Múinteoir Muireann
Múinteoir Muireann
Dia Duit! Is mise Múinteoir Muireann. I am the Support Teacher for 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes. I teach pupils with specific learning needs to help them achieve their individual goals. I am passionate about Special Education and love witnessing children progressing in their own individual ways. This is what makes my job so satisfying. The subjects that I like teaching are English, Maths and SESE.
Múinteoir Gillian
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Múinteoir Fiona
Haigh a chairde! Is mise Múinteoir Fiona. This is my 3rd year teaching in Ashbourne C.N.S. This year I am working alongside Múinteoir Moya and Múinteoir Christina as the Support Teacher for 5th/6th classes. I really enjoy my role as I get to work with the whole class but also small groups of children. I am looking forward to the rest of the year filled with fun, lots of learning and helping each child reach their full potential. I love teaching because I am always learning something new about other people and myself.
Múinteoir Christina
Is mise Múinteoir Christina, I am delighted to be teaching sixth class in A.C.N.S for a second year! I am really looking forward to a year full of fun and engaging learning experiences. I love Gaeilge and try my best to include it wherever I can throughout the day. Project work, group work and active learning are areas I feel very strongly about, these methodologies are utilised in my classroom on a daily basis. The ethos and values of A.C.N.S are very important to me, my classroom environment is modelled around the four core values; courage, care, collaboration and creativity.

At Ashbourne CNS we have some wonderful Special Needs Assistants who play an important role in assisting our Teachers in supporting pupils with additional needs. Have a read about each of our SNA’s below, our talented pupils have created their portraits!

Hi, I’m Trish and this is my 4th year working as an SNA in Ashbourne CNS. I am delighted to be working in 1st Class this year and I am always happy to help and support the wonderful children I meet each day. I love the great outdoors and like spending time in my garden at home. In the months ahead, I am looking forward to working with the children in our new school garden which promises to give some great hands-on learning experiences.
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Information coming soon...
Information coming soon...
Hello, I'm Lavinia and this is my third year working as an SNA at Ashbourne CNS. Prior to joining ACNS, I worked for 5 years as a preschool teacher. My role here is to encourage, support and assist all the children I work closely with. The role, the children and the school make me smile everyday!
Is mise Allison! This is my third year working in Ashbourne CNS. It is a great job and I wouldn't change it for the world! My role involves helping and assisting all of the children I work with. I love my role and it makes my day to see the children happy.

Alongside our dedicated teaching staff and SNA’s and at the hub of activity here is ACNS is our fantastic School Secretary Lisa.
You’ll find Lisa in the office, always ready with a welcome and a warm smile…

Hi, I am Lisa and I joined Ashbourne CNS as school secretary in October 2022. This is a new role for me, having spent almost 20 years working in the financial services industry. It is exciting to be part of a school that has its own unique ethos and vision which celebrates diversity and inclusion. I look forward to working alongside a wonderful team of talented and dedicated teachers and getting to know the great children who attend the school. Outside of school I love spending time with my husband and two daughters. I enjoy watching sport of all kinds, listening to music, reading, walking and running.