Ashbourne Community National School

School Uniform

What do the pupils of Ashbourne CNS wear?

On non P.E days, our pupils wear

  • a red polo shirt
  • a navy skirt, pinafore or trousers
  • a navy v-neck jumper
  • the school crest (available directly from Ashbourne CNS, to be ironed on to the school jumper & tracksuit jumper)

On P.E days, our pupils wear

  • a navy track suit
  • red polo shirt
  • runners

Where can I purchase the uniform?

All clothing items are available to buy in Dunnes, Tesco and Marks and Spencer stores.

The school crest can be purchased directly from Ashbourne CNS using the Way2Pay system. See the ‘Make a Payment’ section of our website for further details.

Designing Our School Crest

School Uniform

Our uniforms needed a crest that represented our school values.

As part of the Creative Schools initiative for the academic year 2021/22, the children designed our school crest.

As a school, we decided upon an iron-on crest which would keep the uniform affordable and accessible.

Any changes to the uniform are made in consultation with the parents and there will be a transitional period.

Our pupils had lots of ideas about what type of crest would best represent ACNS.

We are so proud of the finished design!

This crest was formally launched in Ashbourne CNS during our Celebration of Creativity in the Summer of 2022.