Book Rental Scheme

Ashboure CNS has been running a Book Rental Scheme throughout the school since the school opened in September 2019. Every class level has a supply of textbooks that can rented from the school on a yearly basis. The book rental fee is outlined for parents on booklists for every class level and is included in the contribution fee.    

What is a Book Rental Scheme?

A Book Rental Scheme loans textbooks to pupils at an annual rental fee. The textbooks are owned by Ashbourne CNS and are rented out each year. The cost of renting the textbooks from the school is much lower than buying the textbooks in a bookshop from year to year.  

How does our Book Rental Scheme Operate?

In September, parent(s)/guardian(s) will be asked to pay the rental fee to the school through the Way2Pay payment system. Parent(s)/guardian(s) will sign a contract to state that they will look after the books and return them in good condition at the end of the school year. The Book Rental Scheme does not cover workbooks. Ashbourne CNS will let you know the workbooks that need to be purchased on the class booklists.  

When your child returns to school in September, the class teacher will assign a book rental number to  him/her for all the textbooks that are covered by the Scheme for the school year. It is important that your child remembers their book rental number and looks after the books carefully because they belong to the school. At the end of the school year, your child returns the borrowed books in good condition. If a textbook is damaged or goes missing throughout the year, parents will be required to replace the textbook. If a pupil is found to be abusing, defacing or disposing of rental scheme books, he/she will be dismissed from the Scheme and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) will be required to provide all books for the remainder of his/her time in this school. 

What are the benefits of a Book Rental Scheme?

The Book Rental Scheme is one way of reducing the school costs for parents as textbooks are expensive to buy on a yearly basis. The Book Rental Scheme benefits pupils as supplementary texts are purchased as part of the Scheme. These include differentiated readers, class novels or extra textbooks in the different curricular areas.

Another advantage of having a Book Rental Scheme in Ashbourne CNS means that when textbooks are updated or changed, there is no extra expense incurred by parents, as the Scheme provides these new books for pupils.