Ashbourne Community National School

Green Schools

School Year 2023-24

We are now in the second year of working on the litter and waste theme. The Green Schools Committee from last year has been expanded to include 2 new members from 1st Class. Since the start of the year the Green Schools Committee have updated the action plan and targets for this year. As we will be moving into our brand new school building very soon, the site that the Green Schools Committee will be monitoring has vastly increased. This will bring new challenges which the Green Schools Committee have accounted for in the targets for this year.  Now that the Green Schools Committee are aware of what is involved in achieving the targets, a schedule of the roles and responsibilities has been distributed to each member to help us achieve our targets. The duties that have been assigned are carried out either daily or weekly.


We recently had a slogan competition, and the Green Schools Committee chose an entry from Third Class as the winning slogan – “Please be clean, so that we can be green!” This will be displayed throughout the school to remind all students and staff to bin their waste correctly and pick up litter when they see it on the school grounds. We look forward to another busy year of litter picking and monitoring of waste.    

School Year 2022-23

In 2022, we began working on the Green Schools theme of litter and waste. A Green Schools Committee was elected whereby 8 representatives from First Class to Sixth Class worked tirelessly to reduce litter and waste within the school. As part of the process, the Green Schools Committee developed an action plan outlining the two targets the school community aimed to achieve. The targets were as follows: to reduce landfill waste by 60% by June 2023 and to reduce litter blackspots on the school grounds by 80% by June 2023. The Green Schools Committee set out the roles and responsibilities for all members of the Green Schools Committee to help us achieve these targets. The Green Schools Committee met regularly throughout the year to monitor our progress and ensure that all the tasks that had been outlined in the action plan were followed through.