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Jigsaw is a local youth mental health service who work with young people to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. Coláiste na Mí have been collaborating with Jigsaw for the past 2 years to become a ‘One Good School’ – a place where the staff and students both feel like their mental health is valued and supports are in place if anyone needs help. Staff completed training with Jigsaw to better understand young people’s mental health and also how to stay well as a teacher. Parents were given access to online support services to ensure that the whole school community can work together to promote good mental health and wellbeing. A group of transition year students became peer mentors where they collaborated with other transition year students from local schools and learned how to deliver a class to the junior students of Coláiste na Mí, teaching them who to talk to about their mental health. Exam years also participated in workshops aimed at helping them cope with exam stress. Coláiste na Mí looks forward to continuing its work with Jigsaw and maintaining its status as a ‘One Good School’.

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